Pitch Deck

Startup founders usually face a lot of issues while sharing pitch decks and raising funds. These handful articles cover some of these topics and share tips for performing better.

The Ultimate Pitch Deck Preparation Guide

A pitch deck is one of the important milestones of your startup journey. It's one of the most important files that you will ever create for your business. So, here's a guide to create an ultimate pitch deck and gain investor confidence

How File Analytics improves your Investor Deck performance

Good analytics is the core of understanding your customers, partners as well as investors. This data is a goldmine to understand what works and what does not. Here is a thought process for you to understand your investor psychology and improvise your offerings.

The Ultimate Guide to Sharing an Investor Pitch Deck

Creating a great pitch deck is only half the way to getting success in investment proposals. The other half is sharing it. This part is often overlooked by businesses and can prove to be damaging. So, here's the ultimate guide to sharing investor pitch decks.