32 ways of integrating HubSpot with Google Drive

32 ways of integrating HubSpot with Google Drive
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Do you want to explore all the different ways of integrating HubSpot & Google Drive?  

Look no further. We looked through all the results on the top 10 pages when searching for "HubSpot Google Drive Integration" in Google. Furthermore, we examined and classified the data to gain a thorough grasp of all the choices.

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In case you are looking to connect HubSpot with SharePoint or OneDrive instead, you might find our blog on HubSpot SharePoint Integrations or HubSpot OneDrive Integrations more interesting.

Use this guide to explore the different integration options, figure out your requirements, and choose the right solution for your business.

You can read the guide in free-flow but here’s the recommended flow -

  • Why is the integration needed - Read this section if you are still not sure whether you need to integrate your Google Drive storage with the HubSpot CRM or not.
  • Why is this an exhaustive list - This section talks about how we created this article and why can it be considered exhaustive research
  • Using the BIND Framework - If you want to make the most of this guide, use this section to answer 2 questions and place yourselves on the Bilateral Integration Discovery Framework.
  • UI, Action & Data Integrators - This section contains details on all the various apps available to perform the integration. These have been classified based on the BIND Framework.
  • Community, Partners & Other Resources - HubSpot community provides some clues about the existing problems. There are many solution partner agencies and other resources that can be used to come up with a creative solution. This section talks briefly about these.

First, we start off with the need for this integration

Why is a HubSpot - Google Drive Integration Required?

Because these are 2 separate systems & you want to use both. Moreover, the currently available native integration options are not that great.

Native integration options for connecting HubSpot & Google Drive are not great

One provides what other can’t. E.g., you can do awesome docs, slides & other file management in Google Drive but you can add properties to contacts and run useful workflows on them in HubSpot.

  • Main focus use of HubSpot: HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM designed to help align sales and marketing teams, foster sales enablement, Boost ROI and optimize inbound marketing strategies to generate more qualified leads.
  • Main focus use of Google Drive: GDrive is an immensely popular cloud storage service, and one of the most generous free tools on the market. It’s powerful and easy to use, and it allows you to store your media and documents on Google servers to free up space on your hard drive and access them from just about any device with an internet connection.

However, both systems lack certain features & functionalities. For example, advanced file sharing functions are provided by neither and might need another app that specializes in file sharing.

Moreover, although there is a free HubSpot Google Sheets Integration available on the marketplace, as you’ll see below, the integration is highly limited in what it can do, especially if talking about files. There is more support for individual google products such as Google Docs to HubSpot integration. However, again, the integrations lack key features.

You can also import your Google Docs directly into HubSpot file manager and documents. However, all the limitations of the HubSpot File Manager and Documents tool apply here.

In the second last section, we also talk about the various initiatives that HubSpot or Google have taken to further their collaboration.

Why is this research, exhaustive?

In order to write this article, we first searched “HubSpot Google Drive Integration” in Google. We studied all the search results that came up. We continued to do this for 6 to 7 pages when we stopped finding relevant results.

While studying the results, we also realized that there were many similarities between the options Naturally, we categorized the results and created the BIND Framework.

The BIND Framework is a set of mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive options to figure out your requirements. This is an interesting take on SaaS integration decision making that can help you find the right solution quickly.

We first discuss this framework and then all the various integration options.

List search results, study the apps, classify & categorize to create exhaustive list

Using the BIND Framework

BIND Framework is used to decide what type of SaaS integration would fit your business best. You can answer 2 simple questions and place yourself on the framework.

As an example, suppose you need Google Drive files synced & available from inside of HubSpot records. This has prompted you to look for integration options between these 2 systems.

Keeping this in mind, you answer 2 multiple choice questions -

Use BIND framework to figure out your HubSpot Google Drive requirements

What is the goal of your integration?

Choose between these three options -

  1. Do you only want to keep your data in sync?g., if files are uploaded to a certain Google folder, they should be sent to the HubSpot file manager so that they are available in sales, marketing & sales hubs.
  2. Or do you want automated (or manual) actionability on that data based on user actions? E.g., a HubSpot contact field should update with the link of a Google Drive document whenever a file is uploaded to a certain Google Drive folder.
  3. Or finally, do you want to improve the experience of your team by giving new UI elements inside HubSpot that connect your Google Drive library? E.g., giving them a file picker dialog in HubSpot records that can upload files from Google Drive directly onto the record.

You can choose to have multiple goals if you are unsure.

Once you have your goal decided, answer the next question.

How much new functionality do you really need?

The answer to this question depends on the use-case. As someone who needs access to Google Drive files on the HubSpot records, we need to figure out what all do we need to be able to do with those files.

  • Do we only want to do simple and specific operations such as fetching Google Drive links, editing file metadata etc…?
  • Or do we want advanced functionality & automations to run in our HubSpot that not only sync files but also share them when someone does something on Google Drive.

While the former needs a smaller number of actions to be replicated from Google Drive, the latter requires a more deeply integrated solution.

Be careful about what your actionability requirements are. If you want document editing & sharing capabilities, don’t go looking for integrations that work well with syncing Google Drive files.

Now that you have a general idea of your goals & functionality requirements, you can place yourself on the 2x2 matrix below. This will give you an idea of the type of integrations you should be looking at.

Scroll down further to explore these integrations in detail.

HubSpot Google Drive Integration Apps Matrix

UI Integrators for HubSpot & Google Drive

UI injectors for HubSpot & Google Drive are able to inject buttons, cards or other visible elements to your HubSpot account’s webpages.

We found various UI injectors that can connect HubSpot & Google Drive. We classified them as the ones focused on files, and the ones which are not.

File Based UI Injectors

These apps focus on one or more of file creation, collaboration, sharing or archival related functionalities. You can read more about this way of classifying file related apps here.

If you are looking for even basic, but specific file related functionality to be injected into HubSpot, these are the ones to consider.

1 - Ulgebra

The Ulgebra Google Drive Sync app for HubSpot lets you manage your contact files in Google Drive easily. You can add files to any HubSpot contact. This extension fetches the files added for the CRM contact and files can be renamed and downloaded easily.

You can get the Ulgebra HubSpot App here.

2 - Google Sheets (HubSpot App)

Google Sheets is a powerful cloud-based spreadsheet and collaboration tool. The HubSpot app of Google Sheets works as a workflow extension. It is compatible with all workflow types.

This integration between sheets & HubSpot primarily provides an action in all types of workflows to create or update rows in google sheets, pulling information from HubSpot records. If considering a holistic file related integration between HubSpot & Google Drive, this app won’t really work out.

You can find more about this integration here.

3 - CloudFiles

CloudFiles is an integration-first SaaS app. It provides a window into your existing Google Drive files right from HubSpot. Moreover, it adds a powerful layer of link-based sharing on top so you can add security settings, get analytics and automate processes all within HubSpot.

You can sync you Google Drive and access from all HubSpot records. Emails can be collected and analytics is pushed to the HubSpot contacts. Workflows & triggers can be used to segment and score contacts & work with deals & companies as well.

You can install the CloudFiles HubSpot Marketplace App here.

4 - PandaDoc

PandaDoc is primarily a proposal sharing tool that can also share Quotes, Contracts, e-signatures, and forms. It’s HubSpot integration allows you to import data from HubSpot such as Deals, Contacts, and Companies into PandaDoc templates. PandaDoc also provides a sync with Google Drive.

Check out the resource to connect PandaDoc with HubSpot.

5 - Wordable

Wordable simplifies publishing content in HubSpot by providing the best transformations at one place. It has the ability to act as a HubSpot Google Docs Integration for publishing blogs.

Wordable automatically applies fundamental formatting to your data (such as trimming down excessive HTML code), but you also have the ability to add meta descriptions and alt tags, and to shrink your image sizes down to ensure a reasonable page load speed.

Once you connect the Wordable app, you can directly publish the Google docs as blogs. The integration seems to be able to pull data from CMS Hub.

You can install the Wordable HubSpot integration here.

Non-File based UI Injectors

These apps inject UI into HubSpot and have some sort of syncing available with Google Drive. They have some file related functionality but they are not focused on file related solutioning per se.

We have listed 2 apps below to exemplify what we mean. We will do a detailed research on 30+ such file related HubSpot apps as well. Subscribe to updates to know when this done.

6 - NoteJoy

NoteJoy is a specialized notes application that works both on the Cloud and as an on-premise solution. It allows for seamless sharing of files between teams that also want a single collaboration platform to discuss ideas.

Notejoy’s integration with HubSpot and Google Drive will let your team seamlessly perform file based note taking across the two platform for collaboration.

7 - JotForm

Jotform is a full-featured online form builder that makes it easy to create robust forms and collect important data. You can capture new leads, add new contacts, update deals using JotForm – HubSpot integration and send the form submissions and form file uploads to Google Drive

Action Integrators for HubSpot & Google Drive

Action Integrators are apps that allow you to perform cross-app actions based on triggers. These apps are useful to automate the mundane data entry tasks done by executives every day.

We found various Action integrators that can trigger events and push actions between HubSpot & Google Drive. Some of these provided wholesome dashboards which pulled data and manipulated actions. Others provide more of a one-time workflow builder which you can create and forget about.

We classified these as Action Controllers & Action Connectors.

Action Controllers

These apps usually provide a complete dashboard where you can connect different apps. The user is required to use these dashboards to do their daily tasks (instead of HubSpot). Various actions can be performed that can trigger automations in connected apps and sync the data back.

These might be useful if you are looking for a complete overhaul of your sales enablement strategy. We found a number of these for HubSpot & Google Drive integration.

8 - Panoply

Panoply is a cloud data platform that is built for analysts. Its Google Drive and HubSpot integrations let you easily import data from both platforms and provide meaningful dashboards for your teams to analyse.

Without writing custom scripts your team can get hands-on the best accurate data that your business generates. Get going with Panoply’s Google drive HubSpot integration here.

9 - Seismic

Seismic enables content stored in Google Drive to be synced to the Seismic library via the Content Manager user interface on a one-time or a periodic, scheduled basis, with options to inherit folder structures and metadata.

The HubSpot integration within the HubSpot Sales Hub with Seismic drives content recommendations based on opportunity/account level information. Thus your files can get seamlessly transferred from your google drive to your client’s inbox via HubSpot.

Learn more about Seismic’s HubSpot – Google Drive integration here.

10 - PlusThis

PlusThis has a Google Drive Uploader that allows for your contacts to upload files to your Google Drive Account. Folders are named appropriately with contact details so you can easily keep track of the files.

Everything you need to know about PlusMail’s integration for HubSpot and Google Drive is here.

11 - Locoia

Locoia allows you to integrate and automate processes with Google Drive and HubSpot and 80 additional data integrations including major CRMs, ERPs, Business Intelligence (BI) tools, databases, file systems, analytics platforms, and finance and reporting tools.

It’s Drag & drop automation flow builder and Pre-built automations will provide your business with the perfect automation setup to delegate your routine basic tasks. Enhance your knowledge about Locoia’s HubSpot Google Drive integration here.

12 - Termsheet

Termsheet is specially designed for real estate teams to automate and organize routine work and unlock their proprietary database. It improves your workflow by connecting the tools that your team uses every day.

You can attach documents in Google Drive to items in Termsheet and instantly preview any file while also automatically updating Termsheet contacts with the latest information from HubSpot.

Learn More about Termsheet’s HubSpot Google Drive integrations here

Action Connectors

Similar to action controllers, these apps can also connect to various other apps and trigger automations based on conditions. However, contrary to action controllers, action connectors provide a basic dashboard where you can create a static workflow and then forget about it.

This allows for sales & marketing teams to keep in sync. In fact, some of these apps also make it to our most useful HubSpot sales apps & most useful HubSpot marketing apps for HubSpot users.

These apps are useful if you have specific automations to implement between HubSpot & Google Drive. These must have well defined triggers and actions. We found many of these which vary in the type of actions & triggers they provide.

13 - Zapier

Zapier is one of the most commonly used automation tools. It boasts great connectivity with Google.

With Zapier, you can do more than just connect 2 apps—you can automate entire processes from beginning to end! Their most popular “zap” is to bring new resume data from Google Drive into HubSpot using CandidateZip

Learn more about zapping your HubSpot Google Drive tasks here

14 - Automate.io

Automate.io is one action connector where you can trigger a workflow when a task is created in Google Drive & perform actions such as updating contact properties in HubSpot.

Automate.io brings power to small businesses at an economical price so your business can automate away your tedious & repetitive tasks once and for all. More information about Automate’s Google Drive to HubSpot integration can be found here.

15 - Integrately

Integrately is a no code 1-click integration platform for non-techies. You can also build your own automations without any code.

Integrately is a great tool for anyone looking to automate manipulating deal/company/record/ ticket/Product etc. on HubSpot based on google drive file triggers.

Check out the resources here to connect Google Drive with HubSpot using Integrately.

16 - Make

Integromat is now Make. It provides a variety of triggers, to perform a wide range of tasks. Their drag and drop builder will make your process of automating tasks easier.

Get familiar with Make’s HubSpot Google Drive Integration automation triggers here.

17 - AppyPie

AppyPie has a bouquet of products and services that can help any business excel in a well-rounded manner leveraging the latest codeless technology for mobile apps, websites, chatbots, automation, design, knowledge base, help desk and much more.

AppyPie's no code platform democratizes mobile and web app development, making app building more accessible. Their Google Drive - HubSpot integration allows users to manipulate files, folders, contacts, tasks, calendars etc. based on set parameters.

Find their entire list of triggers for HubSpot & Google Drive integration here.

18 - Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow lets you integrate Google Drive with HubSpot CRM, in atleast 90 different ways, without writing code. Managing repeated tasks such as manipulating HubSpot objects and modifying files and folders in google drive becomes very easy with Zoho Flow.

Find more resources to connect Google Drive with HubSpot using Zoho Flow here.

19 - SyncSpider

SyncSpider allows you to connect all your eCommerce tools, automate multi-channel sales, and keep your inventory in sync. Its main focus area is eCommerce Automation and they provide highly customizable automation and out-of-the-box workflows.

Free up your development team’s time by learning to use SyncSpider’s Google Drive HubSpot integration.

20 - Tray.io

Tray.io provides a cloud-based software integration platform for automation lovers. Their modern UX features will let you make powerful integrations easily.

With Tray.io’s visual workflow builder, customers can create automation to drive their business processes without writing a single line of code.

Check out their Tray’s HubSpot Google Drive integration here.

21 - Workato

Workato offers custom triggers for contact/record/company/deal in their HubSpot – Google Drive integration. With 1000s ready-to-use templates, setting up the integration yourself becomes fast.

Their entire list of automation tasks with HubSpot Google Drive using Workato can be viewed here.

22 - Onlizer

Onlizer has a visual editor that will help you connect your HubSpot account with Google Drive as well as most other popular tools. It boasts about the availability of tons of free integration templates. More resources to know more about Onlizer’s fast and reliable HubSpot Google Drive action connector.

23 - CloudPipes

CloudPipes is a cloud-powered application that enables users to implement workflows through a unique integration platform rapidly. Being code-free, the tool minimizes the infrastructure cost of users, while also enabling elastic performance scaling.

Their integration provides triggers for a wide variety of tasks and is best suited for large teams (>500). Quickbase acquired CloudPipes in 2019 and has made it the first enterprise application development platform of its kind.

Detailed information about CloudPipes’ HubSpot Google Drive integration is found here.

24 - UIPath

UiPath is a global software company that makes robotic process automation software. It uses a variety of methods to transform tedious tasks into automated processes. It’s Drag and Drop workflow allows for creation of several visual processes.

Data Integrators for HubSpot & Google Drive

Data integrators facilitate the flow of data, either statically or dynamically, between various apps. While UI injectors & action integrators enable you to perform automations, data integrators only help with the routine maintenance of data.

These apps are useful if syncing file content and other metadata properties between HubSpot & Google Drive is your primary concern.

We found a few of these which vary in the way they sync the data, setup process and the type of manipulations available post-syncing. We classified them as synchronizers & aggregators.

Data Synchronizers

These apps are able to keep data between 2 other apps in sync. Their own warehouse may or may not be involved in between.

Since these apps enable syncing between existing apps, they can be used to enhance processes without changing them. Just setup your sync & automations and you can get going.

25 - Coupler

Coupler’s HubSpot Google Sheets integration lets you pull data from HubSpot to Google Sheets. Importing contacts, deals, products, tickets, companies data into google sheets will become a breeze with this integration.

Start your data integration journey with Coupler’s HubSpot Google Sheets integration here.

26 - CData

CData Software is a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions. You can use the CData API Server with the ADO.NET Provider for HubSpot (or any of 200+ other ADO.NET Providers) to give your users the capabilities to access and update HubSpot data.

Find more resources on CData’s easy to use bidirectional HubSpot Google Drive integration here.

27 - Layer2

Layer2 provides both on-premise and Cloud-based data integration and document synchronization solutions for the Google Cloud, with some focus on Google Drive and few other products.

They have over 100+ triggers between Google Drive and HubSpot. It has both one way and two way sync. Check the articles linked here to get acquainted which type of sync for Google Drive and HubSpot is suitable for your business.

Data Aggregators

These apps export your data and consolidate at a single place. The core of these apps revolve around this 1-way sync. Additional data manipulations may or may not be provided.

28 - HevoData

Hevo is a no-code and highly intuitive data pipeline. It loads data from any source to your warehouse in real-time for faster analytics.

To get data using Hevo connect Google Drive with HubSpot using the resource here. Their HIPPA, SOC 2 and GDPR compliance will help your business in transitioning to using Hevo.

29 - Skyvia

Skyvia is a 100 % cloud-based platform that offers contemporary cloud agility and scalability, eliminating the need of deployment or manual upgrades.

It’s no coding wizard-based solution that meets the needs of both IT professionals and business users with no technical skills.

It’s data splitting feature allows loading of data from one CSV file to several related HubSpot objects at once. You can Import or export CSV from Google Drive to HubSpot using Skyvia.

Partners, Community & Other…

We came across a number of HubSpot community posts and blogs by HubSpot solution partner agencies in the google search results. We further searched on the official HubSpot community as well as the HubSpot solution provider directory to create a more exhaustive list of options.

Partners, community & more resources for connecting HubSpot with Google Drive

30 - Community Posts

2 of the most popular posts talk about problems with Google Drive connection in general, and connection with Shared drives in particular. This post talks about Google Drive & SharePoint based file sharing from contact records. This one talks about issues with accessing Google’s Shared Drives in HubSpot.

This post asks about an automation to link google drive folders to deals directly. Finally here’s another one that may offer some info on using Zapier with HubSpot & Google Drive.

31 - Solution Partners

We found a few blogs and articles from solution partner agencies as well that talk specifically about Google Drive related integrations for HubSpot users.

Responsive Inbound Marketing takes a deeper look into the Google Docs & HubSpot Integration options. CrossBeam explains Google & HubSpot’s GTM strategy in this article. Huify’s little video on HubSpot & Google Drive integration could be useful too. In fact they have a full series of such videos. German readers can check this article by LPSP, a German HubSpot solution partner. Here’s another one.

Among other partners who may offer specialized services in this area, we found Exelement, a digital transformation consultancy.

HubSpot’s solution provider directory provided many other results as well. This search page shows all of these results.

32 - Other

We found a few other app lists which could be useful. These might offer latest apps that provide a solution in this area.

Webdew is a solution partner agency that lists that best HubSpot CRM apps here. We found another small YouTube Video on HubSpot - Google Docs Integration here. Among other famous software listing apps was GetApp.


Through this article, we have tried providing you not only a list of options to integrate your Google Drive with HubSpot, we have also created a natural categorization of these options to give you a framework to think about your requirements.

By answering the questions on your goals and requirements, you can easily figure out whether you need a UI injector, an action integrator or a data integrator. You can then finetune your requirements by researching the various options listed in the article.

If you are looking for more info related to HubSpot & files, we have a number of articles coming up. In one of the blogs, we will introduce the concept of files in HubSpot and tells you what all you can read. If you want to explore more external integrations, we will also do in-depth research on the various file related apps on HubSpot marketplace. In fact, these two are coming very shortly. Subscribe for updates to know when they are done.

In case you are still searching for answers, you can always talk to us. We can surely help out on file related queries. But more than that, we can also connect you with solution partners who work on similar problems in HubSpot.