27 ways of integrating HubSpot with OneDrive

27 ways of integrating HubSpot with OneDrive
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Have you been researching possible integration options between HubSpot & OneDrive?

Look no further. We researched the top 10 pages on searching “HubSpot OneDrive Integration” in Google. Moreover, we analysed & classified the data to create a comprehensive understanding of all the possible options.

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In case you are looking to connect HubSpot with SharePoint or OneDrive instead, you might find our blog on HubSpot SharePoint Integrations or HubSpot Google Drive Integrations more interesting.

Use this guide to figure out your requirements, explore the options and choose the right solution for your business.

You can freely read the guide but here’s the recommended flow -

So… without further ado, let’s jump in...

Why is a HubSpot - OneDrive Integration Required?

The simple answer to this question is because these are 2 separate systems which don’t have great native integration options.

Native integration options for connecting HubSpot & OneDrive are not great

One provides what other can’t. E.g., you can synchronize your local files & folders with OneDrive cloud but you can add properties and run useful workflows on contacts in HubSpot.

  • Main focus use of HubSpot: HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM designed to help align sales and marketing teams, foster sales enablement, Boost ROI and optimize inbound marketing strategies to generate more qualified leads.
  • Main focus use of OneDrive: OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud service that connects you to all your local files to cloud. It lets you store and protect your files, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on all your devices.

However, both systems lack certain features & functionalities. For example, advanced file sharing functions are provided by neither and might need another app that specializes in file sharing.

Moreover, there are NO native solutions available for connecting HubSpot & OneDrive. This means neither Microsoft, nor HubSpot has developed anything to actively integrate with the other. Seeing this, the need for an external integration becomes doubly important.

Why is this research, exhaustive?

Well, we did exactly what a determined user would do when searching for an integration. We searched for “HubSpot OneDrive Integration” on Google and clicked on each link till we stopped finding any relevant results.

However, we didn’t just aggregate this data. Instead, we went one step beyond and classified it as well.

In the process, we ended up creating the BIND framework that makes the choice of integration easy by laying down an exhaustive list of mutually exclusive options.

We talk briefly about this framework below and then discuss the various options available.

List search results, study the apps, classify & categorize to create exhaustive list

Using the BIND Framework

BIND Framework can be used to decide what type of SaaS integration you need for your business. To use this framework, you only need to answer two simple questions.

As an example, suppose you need OneDrive files synced & available in HubSpot which has prompted you to look for integration options.

Keeping this in mind, you answer 2 questions –

Use BIND framework to figure out your HubSpot OneDrive requirements

What is the goal of your integration?

Choose between these three options -

  1. Do you only want to keep your data in sync?g., if files are uploaded to a certain OneDrive folder, they should be sent to the HubSpot file manager so that they are available in sales, marketing & sales hubs.
  2. Or do you want automated (or manual) actionability on that data based on user actions? E.g., a HubSpot contact field should update with the link of a OneDrive document whenever a file is uploaded to a certain OneDrive folder.
  3. Or finally, do you want to improve the experience of your team by giving new UI elements inside HubSpot that connect your OneDrive library? E.g. giving them a file picker dialog on the HubSpot contact record through which they can pick and attach files from OneDrive to the record’s.

You can choose to have multiple goals if you are unsure.

Once you have your goal decided, answer the next question.

How much new functionality do you really need?

Think about what (and how much) functionality you need from the integration?

Do you only want to do simple and specific operations such as fetching document links from OneDrive, editing file metadata etc…?

Or do you want an automation to upload a file, create a shareable link and make it available on the HubSpot record?

While the former needs a smaller number of actions to be integrated between HubSpot & OneDrive, the latter requires a much deeper solution.

Be careful about what your actionability requirements are. If you want document editing & sharing capabilities, don’t go looking for integrations that work well with syncing OneDrive files.

Now that you have a general idea of your goals & functionality requirements, you can place yourself on the 2x2 matrix below. This will give you an idea of the type of integrations you should be looking at.

Scroll down further to explore these integrations in detail.

HubSpot OneDrive Integration Apps Matrix

UI Integrators for HubSpot & OneDrive

UI injectors for HubSpot & OneDrive are able to inject buttons, cards or other visible elements to your HubSpot accounts’ webpages. We found only one UI injector that could insert OneDrive UI into HubSpot.

File Based UI Injectors

These apps focus on one or more of file creation, collaboration, sharing or archival related functionalities. You can read more about this way of classifying file related apps here.

If you are looking for even basic, but specific file related functionality to be injected into HubSpot, these are the ones to consider.

1 - CloudFiles

CloudFiles is an integration-first SaaS app. It provides a window into your existing OneDrive files right from HubSpot. Moreover, it adds a powerful layer of link-based sharing on top so you can add security settings, get analytics and automate processes all within HubSpot.

OneDrive may be synced and accessed from any HubSpot records. Emails can be collected, and HubSpot contacts can receive analytics. Workflows and triggers can help you categorise and score contacts, as well as work with deals and companies.

You can install the CloudFiles HubSpot Marketplace App here.

Non-File based UI Injectors

These apps inject UI into HubSpot and have some sort of syncing available with OneDrive. They have some file related functionality but they are not focused on file related solutioning per se.

We have listed 2 apps below to exemplify what we mean. We will do a detailed research on 30+ such file related HubSpot apps as well. Subscribe to updates to know when this done.

2 - NoteJoy

NoteJoy is a specialised notes application that may be used on-premises or in the cloud. It enables for easy file sharing amongst teams that also want to discuss ideas on a single platform.

Notejoy’s integration with HubSpot and OneDrive will let your team seamlessly perform file based note taking across the two platform for collaboration.

3 - JotForm

Jotform is a feature-rich online form builder that makes it simple to design powerful forms and capture critical data. You can capture new leads, add new contacts, update deals using JotForm – HubSpot integration and send the form submissions and form file uploads to OneDrive.

Action Integrators for HubSpot & OneDrive

Action Integrators for HubSpot and OneDrive are able to trigger data flows between the two apps based on user-defined conditions. These can reduce manual work by automating certain data entry & updating tasks.

We found a number of action integrators and classified them based on the breadth & depth of integrations they offer as Action Controllers & Action Connectors.

Action Controllers

These apps aggregate data from other apps (much like the data aggregators discussed below), but provide beautiful dashboards to search for and operate on the consolidated data.

An example is uman.ai which pulls in OneDrive & HubSpot data and provides a great content discovery & analysis platform on top of it.

We found many of these as well –

4 – Uman.ai

Uman.ai helps you transform your siloed tools into a collective smart solution. You can access experts or find the most relevant use cases, insights and building blocks and then reuse them with one click.

Uman.ai which pulls in OneDrive & HubSpot data and provides a great content discovery & analysis platform on top of it.

5 - Slingshot

Slingshot aggregates data analytics, project and information management, chat, and goals-based strategy benchmarking. A great action controller tool to bring every metric in one place.

Check out the following resources to know how you can get data from OneDrive and HubSpot in one place using Slingshot.

6 - Termsheet

Termsheet was created with real estate teams in mind, allowing them to automate and organise common tasks while also gaining access to their private database. It streamlines your workflow by linking the tools that your team uses on a daily basis.

You can attach documents in OneDrive to items in Termsheet and instantly preview any file while also automatically updating Termsheet contacts with the latest information from HubSpot.

Learn More about Termsheet’s HubSpot OneDrive integrations here

7 - Optimizely

Optimizely connects to OneDrive document libraries and lists and automatically copies documents, blocks, and other objects. Updates are provided as media or blocks in CMS and can be scheduled or controlled manually.

The Optimizely Connect for HubSpot add-on is part of Optimizely Connect for Marketing Automation, which connects HubSpot with Optimizely Forms, letting marketers collect visitor data, and pass that on to be used with HubSpot.

Find more resources to connect HubSpot & OneDrive using Optimizely here.

Action Connectors

Similar to action controllers, these apps can also connect to various other apps and trigger automations based on conditions. However, contrary to action controllers, action connectors provide a basic dashboard where you can create a static workflow and then forget about it.

This allows for sales & marketing teams to keep in sync. In fact, some of these apps also make it to our most useful HubSpot sales apps & most useful HubSpot marketing apps for HubSpot users.

These apps are useful if you have specific automations to implement between HubSpot & OneDrive. These must have well defined triggers and actions. We found many of these which vary in the type of actions & triggers they provide.

8 - Automate.io

Automate.io is an action connection that can let you set up a routine when a file is uploaded to OneDrive and conduct actions in HubSpot, such as updating contact properties.

Automate.io gives small businesses access to powerful tools at an affordable price, allowing them to automate their boring and repetitive operations for good. More information about Automate’s OneDrive to HubSpot integration can be found here.

9 - AppyPie

AppyPie offers a wide range of goods and services to help any company succeed in a variety of ways, including mobile apps, websites, chatbots, automation, design, knowledge base, help desk, and more.

AppyPie's no code platform democratizes mobile and web app development, making app building more accessible. Their OneDrive - HubSpot integration allows users to manipulate files, folders, contacts, tasks, calendars etc. based on set parameters.

10 - Integrately

Integrately is a non-technical integration platform that requires no coding. You can also create your own automations without having to know how to code.

Integrately is a fantastic application for HubSpot users who want to automate the manipulation of deals, companies, records, tickets, and products using OneDrive file triggers.

Check out the resources here to connect OneDrive with HubSpot using Integrately.

11 - Onlizer

Onlizer has a visual editor that will help you connect your HubSpot account with OneDrive as well as most other popular tools. It boasts about the availability of tons of free integration templates. More resources to know more about Onlizer’s fast and reliable HubSpot OneDrive action connector.

12 - Workativ

Workativ is a fantastic no-code SaaS platform that integrates OneDrive with HubSpot CRM to automate sales operations and contact management.

You can simply create tasks in OneDrive for new HubSpot activity or send group emails in OneDrive when a new deal, company, or Contact is created or updated.

Here’s some more info on the HubSpot OneDrive Integration through Workativ.

13 - Pipedream

Pipedream is a free, low-code integration tool that allows developers to connect many different applications, data sources, and APIs in order to build useful, automated cross-platform workflows.

It’s easy to use, and there’s no need to manage infrastructure or server resources. Learn to connect your HubSpot API with Microsoft OneDrive API using Pipedream here.

14 - Workato

Workato offers custom triggers for contact/record/company/deal in their HubSpot – OneDrive integration. With 1000s ready-to-use templates, setting up the integration yourself becomes fast.

Their entire list of automation tasks with HubSpot OneDrive using Workato can be viewed here.

15 - Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that is widely utilised. With Microsoft, it has excellent connectivity.

You can do more than connect two apps with Zapier; you can also automate entire processes from start to finish! CandidateZip is their most popular "zap," which uses OneDrive to import new resume data into HubSpot.

Learn more about zapping your HubSpot OneDrive tasks here

16 - Pabbly

Pabbly is a great integration tool to connect HubSpot with OneDrive. You can update company, deal, ticket, record details when a file is added or updated in One Drive.

You can also set tasks to update files and folders in OneDrive whenever a company, deal, record or contact is updated in HubSpot. Learn more about Pabbly’s HubSpot OneDrive Integration here.

17 - Make

Make has taken the place of Integromat. It comes with a wide selection of triggers that can be used to do a number of activities. Their drag-and-drop builder makes task automation a breeze.

Get familiar with Make’s HubSpot OneDrive Integration automation triggers here.

18 - Tray.io

Automation enthusiasts will like Tray.io's cloud-based software integration platform. Their cutting-edge UX will make it simple to create powerful integrations.

Customers can automate their business processes without writing a single line of code using Tray.io's WYSIWYG workflow builder.

Check out their Tray’s HubSpot OneDrive integration here.

Data Integrators for HubSpot & OneDrive

Data integrators for HubSpot and OneDrive are able to keep the HubSpot & OneDrive data in sync continuously or collect and manipulate the data. These data operations enable management-level insights & decision-making.

Data integrators can be differentiated by the way they retrieve & use the data. They can be classified as data aggregators & data synchronizers.

Data Synchronizers

These applications act as a hub between HubSpot & OneDrive and keep the data in these applications in sync. The user can set up which data needs to be kept synced.

Synchronizers can further be differentiated into 1-way & 2-way synchronizers as discussed below -

19 - CData

CData Software is a major developer of data connectivity and access solutions. You may use the CData API Server in conjunction with the HubSpot ADO.NET Provider (or any of the other 200+ ADO.NET Providers) to allow your users to access and change HubSpot data.

Find more resources on CData’s easy to use bidirectional HubSpot OneDrive integration here.

20 - Layer2

Layer2 provides both on-premise and Cloud-based data integration and document synchronization solutions for the Microsoft Cloud, with focus on office 365, OneDrive SharePoint and Azure.

They have over 100+ triggers between OneDrive and HubSpot. It has both one way and two way sync. Check the articles linked here to get acquainted which type of sync for Layer2’s OneDrive and HubSpot is suitable for your business.

Data Aggregators

These applications provide connectors that can be setup (sometimes with some extra effort), to connect with OneDrive & HubSpot and receive data continuously from these. Users can perform aggregation and manipulation on the data.

An example is Pipes which has a HubSpot & OneDrive integration that can pull in different types of data from these sources and build reports on it.

21 - HevoData

Hevo is a no-code and highly intuitive data pipeline. It loads data from any source to your warehouse in real-time for faster analytics.

To get data using Hevo connect OneDrive with HubSpot using the resource here. Their HIPPA, SOC 2 and GDPR compliance will help your business in transitioning to using Hevo.

22 - Pipes

Pipes automatically gets data from 200+ available sources in your data warehouse within a few clicks and without any coding. Pipes has a HubSpot & OneDrive integration that can pull in different types of data from these sources and build reports on it.

23 - Flatly

Flatly is an innovative solution to flatten data into sheets and keep these in sync. It enables a host of new types of use-cases that can be creatively used to gain insights into your data.

The app can trigger-less connect comprehensive data sets to BI-ready clouds & replicate the data for custom analytics in under 5 minutes.

You can find more info on the abilities of the Flatly OneDrive – HubSpot Integration here.

24 - Skyvia

Skyvia is a cloud-based platform that provides modern cloud agility and scalability without the need for deployment or manual upgrades.

It's not a coding wizard-based solution that caters to both IT specialists and non-technical business customers.

It’s data splitting feature allows loading of data from one CSV file to several related HubSpot objects at once. You can Import or export CSV from OneDrive to HubSpot using Skyvia.

Partners, Community & Other…

While browsing through the google search results, we also came across a number of HubSpot community posts and blogs by HubSpot solution partner agencies. We further searched on the community and the official solution provider directory to create a more exhaustive list of options.

Partners, community & more resources for connecting HubSpot with OneDrive

25 - Community Posts

This post talks about Google Drive & SharePoint based file sharing from contact records. The same can also be applied to OneDrive.

This one talks about folder structuring in the attachments section. The problem applies to users of OneDrive as well.

26 - Solution Partners

Searching on the HubSpot Solution Provider directory, we found a few solution partners who specialize in Microsoft & OneDrive related integrations. This search page shows all the results for agencies which offer Microsoft related services.

We found a few blogs and articles from solution partner agencies as well that talk specifically about OneDrive related integrations for HubSpot users.

27 - Other

We found a few other listing websites that popup when searching HubSpot OneDrive Integration. These might offer latest apps that provide a solution in this area. Among the top ones are SoftwareAdvice, TechnologyAdvice & GetApp.


Through this article, we have tried providing you not only a list of options to integrate your OneDrive with HubSpot, we have also created a natural categorization of these options to give you a framework to think about your requirements.

By answering the questions on your goals and requirements, you can easily figure out whether you need a UI injector, an action integrator or a data integrator. You can then fine tune your requirements by researching the various options listed in the article.

If you are looking for more info related to HubSpot & files, we have a number of articles coming up. In one of the blogs, we will introduce the concept of files in HubSpot and tells you what all you can read. If you want to explore more external integrations, we will also do in-depth research on the various file related apps on HubSpot marketplace. In fact, these two are coming very shortly. Subscribe for updates to know when they are done.

In case you are still searching for answers, you can always talk to us. We can surely help out on file related queries. But more than that, we can also connect you with solution partners who work on similar problems in HubSpot.