Businesses need to secure their process, content, products and teams in today's environment. These articles cover aspects such as email security, file security, certifications and some other topics that concern a business.

5 Best Tools in Salesforce for Seamless Business Operations

Explore the top-rated tools on the AppExchange that can optimize your Salesforce experience, enhancing document management, agreement processes, and customer engagement. Delve into the blog to uncover how these five tools can elevate your business efficiency within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Organized and secure file sharing on Salesforce Community by Bridgepointe

Check out how Bridgepointe Technologies used CloudFiles to automate their folder hierarchy and share files seamlessly with their Salesforce community. They also added an additional level of analytics for their users to get content consumption, making sharing more insightful.

Why You Need To Stop Using Email Attachments

Here we will learn why email attachments are outdated and explore the various aspects to be considered while sharing important files for businesses. These primarily include security & privacy aspects, important customer touchpoints such as interactions via chat and data governance.

Types of Email Attacks and Ways to Prevent Them

Email bases attacks have been troubling internet users and businesses since the advent of the internet. Let's become aware of the most common way scammers attack businesses and cause monetary damages

How To Share Sensitive PDF Documents Securely

Learn to share sensitive PDF documents online for your business. Understand the various security and privacy aspects before choosing the workflow for your business.