Better engagement implies better satisfaction and hence more potential customers. These articles cover the various DOs and DONTs for service executives and admins that can make their life easier.

5 Cool Tricks used by Customer Service Teams

Pleasing a customer can feel like trying to make a camel pass through the eye of a needle. The aspect you need to learn first is that there is no such thing as perfect customer service. What you can aim is to rectify mistakes and adopt efficient ideas to ensure your efforts bear fruitful results.

Case Study With Architecture Social And CloudFiles

In this case study, we will take you through the journey of an architectural recruitment agency, Arch Social through the eyes of Stephen on how he solved his problems of dealing with files associated with multiple agencies and recruits using CloudFiles.

4 Tips To Strengthen Customer Relationships

In this article, we will go back to the basics of strengthening customer relationships through basic marketing concepts and business etiquettes. Customers are the backbone of your business and it's always best to serve them right.

How to get the most out of online surveys?

Getting in touch with your customers is as old as the history of business itself. Customer surveys have evolved greatly since the scientific study of businesses. In the 21st century surveys are primarily conducted online, so let's go through the ways to the most out of online surveys.