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The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce SharePoint Integration

Explore our Ultimate guide to get equipped with everything you need to know about Salesforce SharePoint integration & Salesforce Files Connect. From easy 6-step Files Connect setup to in-depth coverage of top 3rd party apps for SharePoint to Salesforce integration, we have got you covered.

What is the difference between ECM, DMS, DAM, CMS, & FMS?

Learn the difference between DAM (Digital Asset Management), DMS (Document Management System), CMS (Content Management System), FMS (File Management system), ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and so many more…

CloudFiles: An alternative to HubSpot Documents

While the HubSpot Documents tracking tool is a great addition to the CRM, it lacks certain basic features that make it unfit for advanced sales, marketing & service use-cases. CloudFiles on the other hand provides a plethora of features all within HubSpot that can make the job easy.