Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs for sales and service teams. It is also used extensively by marketing teams. We write a lot of content around file management in Salesforce and provide tutorials and instructions on common problems as well. The CloudFiles app integrates deeply with Salesforce CRM.

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud? Everything you need to know!

SFDC Experience Cloud, also known as Community Cloud or Partner Portal, empowers businesses to create tailored digital experiences for their stakeholders. Implementing Experience Cloud for Salesforce is just 3 steps! Explore diverse use cases, features, & more to elevate your digital experiences

Salesforce SharePoint Integration with CloudFiles

Discover how CloudFiles simplifies SharePoint document management for Salesforce users, offering a range of features and practical use-cases to optimise workflows and enhance productivity.

Automatic Folder Hierarchies for External File Management from Salesforce Objects

Discover the importance of automated folders in Salesforce and find the ideal solution for your requirements. Explore why CloudFiles offers a comprehensive solution for all your folder hierarchy needs.

5 Best Tools in Salesforce for Seamless Business Operations

Explore the top-rated tools on the AppExchange that can optimize your Salesforce experience, enhancing document management, agreement processes, and customer engagement. Delve into the blog to uncover how these five tools can elevate your business efficiency within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce Google Drive Integration Made Easy!

Explore the smooth integration of Salesforce and Google Drive using CloudFiles. Discover the benefits of integration and limitations of Files Connect. Plus, unleash the power of CloudFiles for Google Drive users.

The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce SharePoint Integration

Explore our Ultimate guide to get equipped with everything you need to know about Salesforce SharePoint integration. From easy 6-step Files Connect setup to in-depth coverage of top third-party apps for SharePoint to Salesforce integration, we have got your integration journey covered.

Organized and secure file sharing on Salesforce Community by Bridgepointe

Check out how Bridgepointe Technologies used CloudFiles to automate their folder hierarchy and share files seamlessly with their Salesforce community. They also added an additional level of analytics for their users to get content consumption, making sharing more insightful.

A Brief Guide On Salesforce File Storage Cost

Salesforce comes with limited file storage which can get expensive quickly as the file storage need increases. In this articles, we discuss how to reduce file storage cost in Salesforce by leveraging external file storage systems like Google Drive, SharePoint etc.

Move case attachments to SharePoint In Salesforce

Salesforce “Email to case” is a great feature of service cloud to automatically create cases from email. This articles describes how to automatically move the case attachments to SharePoint

Send emails using Sendgrid in Salesforce

Salesforce comes with a lot of ready to use tools, but when the businesses need customization, that's when it really shines. In this article we will explore how to send emails in Salesforce using Sendgrid, a dedicated email service rather than using Salesforce's inbuilt email functions.