Business automations are always preferred since not performing some mundane tasks can lead to blockages in pipeline. These articles cover automations for various team. Admins should be aware of such automations.

Automatic Folder Hierarchies for External File Management from Salesforce Objects

Discover the importance of automated folders in Salesforce and find the ideal solution for your requirements. Explore why CloudFiles offers a comprehensive solution for all your folder hierarchy needs.

HubSpot Analytics Report for E-mail Attachment using CloudFiles

Uncover the challenges of tracking file performance in HubSpot email campaigns and explore CloudFiles, a specialized solution for HubSpot marketers. Learn how CloudFiles bridges the analytics gap, providing detailed insights into file engagement within your email templates.

5 Best Tools in Salesforce for Seamless Business Operations

Explore the top-rated tools on the AppExchange that can optimize your Salesforce experience, enhancing document management, agreement processes, and customer engagement. Delve into the blog to uncover how these five tools can elevate your business efficiency within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Organized and secure file sharing on Salesforce Community by Bridgepointe

Check out how Bridgepointe Technologies used CloudFiles to automate their folder hierarchy and share files seamlessly with their Salesforce community. They also added an additional level of analytics for their users to get content consumption, making sharing more insightful.

Move case attachments to SharePoint In Salesforce

Salesforce “Email to case” is a great feature of service cloud to automatically create cases from email. This articles describes how to automatically move the case attachments to SharePoint

Workaround Salesforce governor limits when working with files

Salesforce enforces governor limits to prevent apex abuse. These can apply to transactions, heap size, timeouts etc... They become restrictive while working with various file use-cases. In this article we explore a way to bypass these file-related governor limits.

The Potential of Software Integration as a Service

Integrations are the way to go to ensure that your employees find it easy to conduct their day-to-day activities, minimize switching costs, reduce data friction. So, it's best to have tools that integrate well with one another. Here's an intro article for you to the world of integrations.