Case Study

We often engage with our customers, study their use-case, understand their problems and prepare fun case studies to read. This page shows all the blog articles where these case studies can be read.

Organized and secure file sharing on Salesforce Community by Bridgepointe

Check out how Bridgepointe Technologies used CloudFiles to automate their folder hierarchy and share files seamlessly with their Salesforce community. They also added an additional level of analytics for their users to get content consumption, making sharing more insightful.

File Collateral Validation using CloudFiles Analytics in HubSpot: Achieving a 15% Boost in Lead Conversions at ROBO Global

ROBO Global faced challenges with HubSpot collateral distribution. CloudFiles centralized content, improved analytics, and enhanced collaboration, resulting in a 15% lead conversion boost, 25% shorter sales cycles, and 3 enterprise referrals in a month.

Arch Social boosts NPS to 9.2 and Cuts Service Time by 30% with CloudFiles

Join us to study an architectural recruitment agency - Arch Social through the eyes of Stephen on how he solved his problems of dealing with files associated with multiple agencies and recruits using CloudFiles resulting in an increase in NPS, from 7.5 to 9.2, & a 30% reduction in service time.

How Neighbourhood saw a 20% uptick in conversions by eliminating proposal blindness...

Getting a hold of what your leads think about your business proposals is very difficult. Data analytics with CloudFiles can help your business fill the information asymmetry and improve your revenue. Here's how Neighbourhood overcame their proposal blindness issues.

Know How To Write An Effective Customer Case Study

Case study marketing works for every business. According to content marketing strategists, case studies can boost the revenue by 108.3%! We talk about IBM, and how it uses case studies effectively. We also talk about DOs and DONT's of case-study writing for digital marketing