Emails have now become part of day to day life for anyone working online. Sales, marketing and service teams find special and creative uses for it, ranging from campaigns to follow-ups to regular updates. We cover some related content under this tag.

Send emails using Sendgrid in Salesforce

Salesforce comes with a lot of ready to use tools, but when the businesses need customization, that's when it really shines. In this article we will explore how to send emails in Salesforce using Sendgrid, a dedicated email service rather than using Salesforce's inbuilt email functions.

5 Cool Tricks Email Marketers Use to Increase Conversions

Getting the best results from Email marketing has always been a challenge despite being better than other digital channels. Let's uncover some the cool tricks used by email marketers to improve their conversion numbers in this blog.

Why You Need To Stop Using Email Attachments

Here we will learn why email attachments are outdated and explore the various aspects to be considered while sharing important files for businesses. These primarily include security & privacy aspects, important customer touchpoints such as interactions via chat and data governance.

Get Maximum Results from Email Marketing with Email Trackers

Email marketing is almost as old as the internet, yet it still thrives to be one best customer acquisition and management channels.

Types of Email Attacks and Ways to Prevent Them

Email bases attacks have been troubling internet users and businesses since the advent of the internet. Let's become aware of the most common way scammers attack businesses and cause monetary damages

Email Marketing Strategy for Beginners By CloudFiles

A beginners guide to learn about email marketing strategies and get started in the world of marketing and understanding your customer's needs and wants.

Effective Email Sales Strategies to Use For Your Campaigns

According to reports, there will be more than 4.2 billion users by the year 2022. Knowing how to tailor a sales email effectively is an integral part of ensuring a profitable ROI. This short read is aimed to show how you can use emails for sales effectively.

Limitations of engagement metrics for email marketing

Email marketing has been embraced by almost all marketers. To determine the campaign's success and measure the results of your efforts, you need an objective criterion. Let's understand some of the primary reasons behind why these email engagement metrics can go wrong.

Email attachments are outdated. Here’s why!

Email attachments are a pain. Identifying the correct file, wait for it to upload it on the email, and if you are on the receiving end, viruses can compromise email security. Sending links instead of attachments is now being considered among email security best practices.

Email Marketing Is Here to Stay. Here’s Why.

Conservative estimates say that approximately 400 trillion emails have been sent in just the last four years, which says something about how effective a marketing tool emails are. Read on to find out if email marketing is the right strategy for your business.