All teams in a business from sales, marketing to service require analytics in some or the other way. It's even more important for top level administration. These articles cover various aspects of analytics for these teams.

Organized and secure file sharing on Salesforce Community by Bridgepointe

Check out how Bridgepointe Technologies used CloudFiles to automate their folder hierarchy and share files seamlessly with their Salesforce community. They also added an additional level of analytics for their users to get content consumption, making sharing more insightful.

File Collateral Validation using CloudFiles Analytics in HubSpot

ROBO Global utilized HubSpot Files & HubSpot Documents along with Forms to distribute their collateral. De-centralization and lack of analytics led to challenges in their process. By using CloudFiles to distribute their content, they were able to eliminate multiple issues in their process.

How to Improve Sales Prospecting with File Engagement

Sales prospecting is a delicate process with perpetuated decision-making cycles. Outbound sales prospecting methods including email prospecting fared poorly with a 0.1% conversion rate. You need a reliable and highly efficient tracking system for accurate results.

Customer Success: How to Supercharge Your Sales Conversion Rates

Sales is one of the most demanding jobs that keeps you on your toes round the clock. People involved in sales could use every little tool. In this article, we help you get acquainted with different KPIs that can actually help you figure out process bottlenecks.

Get Maximum Results from Email Marketing with Email Trackers

Email marketing is almost as old as the internet, yet it still thrives to be one best customer acquisition and management channels.

How File Analytics improves your Investor Deck performance

Good analytics is the core of understanding your customers, partners as well as investors. This data is a goldmine to understand what works and what does not. Here is a thought process for you to understand your investor psychology and improvise your offerings.

How Neighbourhood saw a 20% uptick in conversions by eliminating proposal blindness...

Getting a hold of what your leads think about your business proposals is very difficult. Data analytics with CloudFiles can help your business fill the information asymmetry and improve your revenue. Here's how Neighbourhood overcame their proposal blindness issues.

Limitations of engagement metrics for email marketing

Email marketing has been embraced by almost all marketers. To determine the campaign's success and measure the results of your efforts, you need an objective criterion. Let's understand some of the primary reasons behind why these email engagement metrics can go wrong.

Collecting Content Marketing Analytics using CloudFiles

Secure document sharing & tracking is a core offering of CloudFiles. In this article, we cover the various features that enable marketers to collect marketing analytics through CloudFiles. This includes Campaign Tracking with ungated as well as Content Marketing Analytics & exporting analytics