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5 Cool Tricks Email Marketers Use to Increase Conversions

Getting the best results from Email marketing has always been a challenge despite being better than other digital channels. Let's uncover some the cool tricks used by email marketers to improve their conversion numbers in this blog.

5 Cool Tricks used by Customer Service Teams

Pleasing a customer can feel like trying to make a camel pass through the eye of a needle. The aspect you need to learn first is that there is no such thing as perfect customer service. What you can aim is to rectify mistakes and adopt efficient ideas to ensure your efforts bear fruitful results.

Why You Need To Stop Using Email Attachments

Here we will learn why email attachments are outdated and explore the various aspects to be considered while sharing important files for businesses. These primarily include security & privacy aspects, important customer touchpoints such as interactions via chat and data governance.

4 Tips To Strengthen Customer Relationships

In this article, we will go back to the basics of strengthening customer relationships through basic marketing concepts and business etiquettes. Customers are the backbone of your business and it's always best to serve them right.

5 Cool Tricks Social Media Marketers Use to Improve Engagement

Social media is not just a new generation platform for people to connect. It also serves for businesses to maintain and grow their relationships with their customers. Here we will explore some tactics used by social media experts.

CRM vs ERP: What Exactly Is The Difference?

Traditionally businesses have been relying on ERP systems as a one stop solution for all their business processes. With the advent of CRM softwares which are hyper specialized towards customers, many firms are making the system. Let's understand the basic differences between them in this article.

23 ways of integrating HubSpot with SharePoint

Learn the ways to integrate HubSpot with SharePoint to sync files, share and ensure security for your business. This list has been created using a very detailed study of various websites and will help you improvise your SharePoint experience on HubSpot

27 ways of integrating HubSpot with OneDrive

We have compiled 27 different ways to connect HubSpot with OneDrive using various tools and integrations to share files, sync or simply store them for collaborative works. Check this article out to understand in depth.

32 ways of integrating HubSpot with Google Drive

Find 32 of the best ways to integrate HubSpot with Google Drive to take care of your file sharing processes including sync, storage, data authentication and updates. Your go-to guide to share files seamlessly in HubSpot as a user of Google Drive.

Types of Email Attacks and Ways to Prevent Them

Email bases attacks have been troubling internet users and businesses since the advent of the internet. Let's become aware of the most common way scammers attack businesses and cause monetary damages