Optimization can be in metrics, processes, culture or any other aspects of a business. These areticles cover a wide variety of such aspects and give tips on how to better optimize the team towards the goals.

A Brief Guide On Salesforce File Storage Cost

Salesforce comes with limited file storage which can get expensive quickly as the file storage need increases. In this articles, we discuss how to reduce file storage cost in Salesforce by leveraging external file storage systems like Google Drive, SharePoint etc.

5 Cool Tricks Email Marketers Use to Increase Conversions

Getting the best results from Email marketing has always been a challenge despite being better than other digital channels. Let's uncover some the cool tricks used by email marketers to improve their conversion numbers in this blog.

The Basics Of Growth Hacking By CloudFiles

Learn the history, significance, and process of growth hacking for beginners. The process has evolved over time. We cover this history along with the basics that every business should do. We also cover the importance of metrics & data for growth hackers and how these can impact growth strategies.

5 Cool Tricks used by Customer Service Teams

Pleasing a customer can feel like trying to make a camel pass through the eye of a needle. The aspect you need to learn first is that there is no such thing as perfect customer service. What you can aim is to rectify mistakes and adopt efficient ideas to ensure your efforts bear fruitful results.

How to Improve Sales Prospecting with File Engagement

Sales prospecting is a delicate process with perpetuated decision-making cycles. Outbound sales prospecting methods including email prospecting fared poorly with a 0.1% conversion rate. You need a reliable and highly efficient tracking system for accurate results.

Customer Success: How to Supercharge Your Sales Conversion Rates

Sales is one of the most demanding jobs that keeps you on your toes round the clock. People involved in sales could use every little tool. In this article, we help you get acquainted with different KPIs that can actually help you figure out process bottlenecks.

5 Cool Tricks Social Media Marketers Use to Improve Engagement

Social media is not just a new generation platform for people to connect. It also serves for businesses to maintain and grow their relationships with their customers. Here we will explore some tactics used by social media experts.

Get Maximum Results from Email Marketing with Email Trackers

Email marketing is almost as old as the internet, yet it still thrives to be one best customer acquisition and management channels.

The Top 5 Biggest & Most Common Mistakes in B2B Marketing

Mistakes in email marketing can be really expensive for an organization due to it's scale and customer outreach. It can damage your brand value and confidence in your customers. So, let's visit some of the most common mistakes done in B2B marketing.

7 Tactics to get Warmer Leads For Sales Teams

Getting good warm leads for a business is usually difficult. However with some proper planning, customer education and good business practices you could over-come those challenges. So, here are 7 tactics to get warmer leads for your business.