Sales teams are one of our focus groups whom we base most of our research on. This page contains all the articles that we have written with Sales teams in focus. This might include tips, app recommendations, process automations etc...

File Collateral Validation using CloudFiles Analytics in HubSpot

ROBO Global utilized HubSpot Files & HubSpot Documents along with Forms to distribute their collateral. De-centralization and lack of analytics led to challenges in their process. By using CloudFiles to distribute their content, they were able to eliminate multiple issues in their process.

How to Use Video Training to Improve Your Sales Team’s Performance

This blog sheds light on why sales enablement video training should be the top priority for heavily sales-dependent organizations and guides you with video creation to equip your sales teams with updated techniques to capture the market.

The Basics Of Growth Hacking By CloudFiles

Learn the history, significance, and process of growth hacking for beginners. The process has evolved over time. We cover this history along with the basics that every business should do. We also cover the importance of metrics & data for growth hackers and how these can impact growth strategies.

How to Improve Sales Prospecting with File Engagement

Sales prospecting is a delicate process with perpetuated decision-making cycles. Outbound sales prospecting methods including email prospecting fared poorly with a 0.1% conversion rate. You need a reliable and highly efficient tracking system for accurate results.

Level-Up Your Sales Team with the Power of Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a dynamic force. In more ways than one. We take a linear approach towards understanding this substructure of sales that will accelerate the rate of success and eventually kick your business to the zenith of where you want it to reach.

Customer Success: How to Supercharge Your Sales Conversion Rates

Sales is one of the most demanding jobs that keeps you on your toes round the clock. People involved in sales could use every little tool. In this article, we help you get acquainted with different KPIs that can actually help you figure out process bottlenecks.

Case Study With Architecture Social And CloudFiles

In this case study, we will take you through the journey of an architectural recruitment agency, Arch Social through the eyes of Stephen on how he solved his problems of dealing with files associated with multiple agencies and recruits using CloudFiles.

7 Tactics to get Warmer Leads For Sales Teams

Getting good warm leads for a business is usually difficult. However with some proper planning, customer education and good business practices you could over-come those challenges. So, here are 7 tactics to get warmer leads for your business.

How to get the First 10 Customers in a B2B Business

Getting customers is a difficult task for any business. Getting a hold of first 10 customers in your first B2B business is even more difficult. However, by following some time tested methods you can get started on the right track and ease your entry into the world of business.

Lead Segmentation: Why, What, When, Where...

Lead segmentation is a great way to group customers and satisfy their needs. It's the core of any marketing operation to ensure smooth customer journey based on their needs and wants. Let's explore the why, what ,when and where of lead segmentation.