File Sharing

File creation has a plethora of tools and processes, however sharing is not always as intuitive and insightful. These articles specialize on file sharing and how it can better the business results with minimalistic changes.

Workaround Salesforce governor limits when working with files

Salesforce enforces governor limits to prevent apex abuse. These can apply to transactions, heap size, timeouts etc... They become restrictive while working with various file use-cases. In this article we explore a way to bypass these file-related governor limits.

Case Study With Architecture Social And CloudFiles

In this case study, we will take you through the journey of an architectural recruitment agency, Arch Social through the eyes of Stephen on how he solved his problems of dealing with files associated with multiple agencies and recruits using CloudFiles.

What, Why And How Of Files Enablement

Files are important business assets that share proprietary information with customers and partners. Enabling your team with good file management practices will improve your business outcomes.

How To Share Sensitive PDF Documents Securely

Learn to share sensitive PDF documents online for your business. Understand the various security and privacy aspects before choosing the workflow for your business.

The Rise of File-Sharing Apps for Businesses - 2021 in Retrospect

Here's a look back on the rise of file-sharing apps for businesses to ensure safe and powerful business processes. Let's go through the specific value propositions that make file sharing apps and services indispensable business tools.

How File Analytics improves your Investor Deck performance

Good analytics is the core of understanding your customers, partners as well as investors. This data is a goldmine to understand what works and what does not. Here is a thought process for you to understand your investor psychology and improvise your offerings.

How to Improve Your Sales Pitches Using CloudFiles

Learn to gain insights from your customers using CloudFiles and improvise your sales pitch to get the best conversions numbers. Increase your business revenue using CloudFiles integration with your CRM- HubSpot or Salesforce.

The Ultimate Guide to Sharing an Investor Pitch Deck

Creating a great pitch deck is only half the way to getting success in investment proposals. The other half is sharing it. This part is often overlooked by businesses and can prove to be damaging. So, here's the ultimate guide to sharing investor pitch decks.

10 Best File Sharing Apps for Sales and Marketing in 2021

The online footing of businesses in the past few years have raised the need for faster and reliable sharing of documents and files more than ever before. Almost all major business operations are performed online these days.

10 Best File Sharing Apps for Sales and Marketing in 2021

Find the best file-sharing services for sales and marketing operations to get the best-in-class ROI. Get pricing, Pros and cons details and choose the best tools for your business.