HubSpot Files

Since CloudFiles integrates deeply with the HubSpot CRM and adds easy file accessibility, sharing, analytics & automations to HubSpot users, we have done a thorough research on the topic of HubSpot and files. This cluster of articles cover all that there is around this topic.

File Collateral Validation using CloudFiles Analytics in HubSpot

ROBO Global utilized HubSpot Files & HubSpot Documents along with Forms to distribute their collateral. De-centralization and lack of analytics led to challenges in their process. By using CloudFiles to distribute their content, they were able to eliminate multiple issues in their process.

23 ways of integrating HubSpot with SharePoint

Learn the ways to integrate HubSpot with SharePoint to sync files, share and ensure security for your business. This list has been created using a very detailed study of various websites and will help you improvise your SharePoint experience on HubSpot

27 ways of integrating HubSpot with OneDrive

We have compiled 27 different ways to connect HubSpot with OneDrive using various tools and integrations to share files, sync or simply store them for collaborative works. Check this article out to understand in depth.

32 ways of integrating HubSpot with Google Drive

Find 32 of the best ways to integrate HubSpot with Google Drive to take care of your file sharing processes including sync, storage, data authentication and updates. Your go-to guide to share files seamlessly in HubSpot as a user of Google Drive.

CloudFiles: An alternative to HubSpot Documents

While the HubSpot Documents tracking tool is a great addition to the CRM, it lacks certain basic features that make it unfit for advanced sales, marketing & service use-cases. CloudFiles on the other hand provides a plethora of features all within HubSpot that can make the job easy.