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File Collateral Validation using CloudFiles Analytics in HubSpot

ROBO Global utilized HubSpot Files & HubSpot Documents along with Forms to distribute their collateral. De-centralization and lack of analytics led to challenges in their process. By using CloudFiles to distribute their content, they were able to eliminate multiple issues in their process.

Send emails using Sendgrid in Salesforce

Salesforce comes with a lot of ready to use tools, but when the businesses need customization, that's when it really shines. In this article we will explore how to send emails in Salesforce using Sendgrid, a dedicated email service rather than using Salesforce's inbuilt email functions.

5 Cool Tricks Email Marketers Use to Increase Conversions

Getting the best results from Email marketing has always been a challenge despite being better than other digital channels. Let's uncover some the cool tricks used by email marketers to improve their conversion numbers in this blog.

The Basics Of Growth Hacking By CloudFiles

Learn the history, significance, and process of growth hacking for beginners. The process has evolved over time. We cover this history along with the basics that every business should do. We also cover the importance of metrics & data for growth hackers and how these can impact growth strategies.

5 Cool Tricks Social Media Marketers Use to Improve Engagement

Social media is not just a new generation platform for people to connect. It also serves for businesses to maintain and grow their relationships with their customers. Here we will explore some tactics used by social media experts.

Get Maximum Results from Email Marketing with Email Trackers

Email marketing is almost as old as the internet, yet it still thrives to be one best customer acquisition and management channels.

The Top 5 Biggest & Most Common Mistakes in B2B Marketing

Mistakes in email marketing can be really expensive for an organization due to it's scale and customer outreach. It can damage your brand value and confidence in your customers. So, let's visit some of the most common mistakes done in B2B marketing.

Lead Segmentation: Why, What, When, Where...

Lead segmentation is a great way to group customers and satisfy their needs. It's the core of any marketing operation to ensure smooth customer journey based on their needs and wants. Let's explore the why, what ,when and where of lead segmentation.

The Permanent Changes in Marketing Brought by COVID-19

Covid has caused huge damage all around the world. However, this disaster also set foot to change the nature of businesses all around. People and businesses have changed their nature, so let's explore how marketing has evolved post the pandemic.

10 Best File Sharing Apps for Sales and Marketing in 2021

The online footing of businesses in the past few years have raised the need for faster and reliable sharing of documents and files more than ever before. Almost all major business operations are performed online these days.