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The Ultimate Pitch Deck Preparation Guide

A pitch deck is one of the important milestones of your startup journey. It's one of the most important files that you will ever create for your business. So, here's a guide to create an ultimate pitch deck and gain investor confidence

ISO 9004:2018 Quality Management System

Certifications are the best way to showcase your business's seriousness and adherence to various norms. Here is an introductory guide to ISO 9004:2018 quality management system and how to get certified with it.

The Birth and Evolution of CRM Softwares

Here we explore the birth of Customer relationship management softwares and the reasons why businesses cannot do without them. Technology progress is taking business processes to new heights, don't get left behind.

Changing the Landscape: Integration-first SaaS Apps

Integration-first improves the customer experience immensely by establishing deep integrations through UI-injection, as users no longer need to leave their application and go to the integrated software's platform. Software like Cloud Files and Grammarly are successfully leveraging this technology.

The History & Rise Of Online B2B Marketplaces

Several players have occupied the B2B marketplaces. The world of API integration has also evolved. As of 2021, this is estimated to be $145.4Bn industry. The flourish due to higher order value and the simple adoption & setup. Businesses will need to embrace these newer trends to stay relevant.

How many files are there in the world?

In the horde of various emerging technologies, "Cloud" is one such creation that has exploded the total number of digital files in the world. At a conservative estimate, there are 15 trillion files in the world. Check out our breakdown on these.

What is the difference between ECM, DMS, DAM, CMS, & FMS?

Learn the difference between DAM (Digital Asset Management), DMS (Document Management System), CMS (Content Management System), FMS (File Management system), ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and so many more…

Document Workflow Management Framework

Document Workflow Management Framework is an alternate way of thinking about business document management in four stages of content creation, curation, sharing & archival. This focus on document lifecycle rather than file types makes file management easier and intuitive for businesses.