CloudFiles can be used to sync live files from various storages, access them in the right places, and add security, analytics & automations on top of them. All the blogs that specifically talk about CloudFiles app are listed here.

27 ways of integrating HubSpot with OneDrive

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32 ways of integrating HubSpot with Google Drive

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The Rise of File-Sharing Apps for Businesses - 2021 in Retrospect

Here's a look back on the rise of file-sharing apps for businesses to ensure safe and powerful business processes. Let's go through the specific value propositions that make file sharing apps and services indispensable business tools.

How to Improve Your Sales Pitches Using CloudFiles

Learn to gain insights from your customers using CloudFiles and improvise your sales pitch to get the best conversions numbers. Increase your business revenue using CloudFiles integration with your CRM- HubSpot or Salesforce.

10 Best File Sharing Apps for Sales and Marketing in 2021

The online footing of businesses in the past few years have raised the need for faster and reliable sharing of documents and files more than ever before. Almost all major business operations are performed online these days.

10 Best File Sharing Apps for Sales and Marketing in 2021

Find the best file-sharing services for sales and marketing operations to get the best-in-class ROI. Get pricing, Pros and cons details and choose the best tools for your business.

How Neighbourhood saw a 20% uptick in conversions by eliminating proposal blindness...

Getting a hold of what your leads think about your business proposals is very difficult. Data analytics with CloudFiles can help your business fill the information asymmetry and improve your revenue. Here's how Neighbourhood overcame their proposal blindness issues.

10 Best HubSpot Plugins For Marketing Teams

Businesses love inbound marketing. HubSpot comes in with numerous pre-installed HubSpot marketing features. Additionally, with an expansive list of HubSpot integrations, it is your one-stop marketing solution. In this article, we identify 4 areas in HubSpot that benefit from integrations.

10 most useful sales integrations for HubSpot users

HubSpot works in close collaboration with other SaaS products to achieve maximum efficiency. We have identified 4 key categories of features in which further optimization can lead to better processes. Document Management, Lead Generation & Prospect Management, Customer Engagement & Emailing.

CloudFiles – A Secure File Sharing & Tracking App

CloudFiles is a secure file sharing & tracking app. It enables you to share PDFs, Docs, PPTs, Spreadsheets & other files as links. You can configure security & track viewer engagement through file analytics. You can connect file events to your processes & create powerful automations.